Ingredients & Servings is a publishing platform of the people, for the people, and by the people who make New Orleans one of the most fascinating and culturally rich cities in the world.

It's not just another social networking site but rather an online community cornerstone. It's a cyber-gumbo. Ingredients will be added and taken out based on the evolution of the site. Our ultimate goal is to assist any and every person, business, organization and publisher in sharing their stories and perspectives of New Orleans. We aim to become a portal for all people to share in the discovery, appreciation, criticism and understanding of New Orleans' culture, community, and lasting heritage. While we curate and create some content ourselves, it is those who sign up and participate who will give the site its real flavor.

Our focus is to ensure you always have a place to receive up-to-date information from the people who know it best: the locals. This city deserves an ongoing archive of the people, places and events that are creating and sustaining its culture. By helping to document all types of information, we can create a memory of how we met and dealt with a myriad of challenges and thereby engage in a daily celebration of life here in New Orleans.

Humid Beings makes it possible for the people to define why New Orleans matters and to help the newcomer understand the city better through the opinions, ideas, images and media published by those who know her best.


Everything on starts with the individual. We allow anyone to contribute as long as respect for the community exists at all times. A username and profile provides the ability to post comments throughout the site, publish images and blog posts, and sync personal blog, twitter, Facebook, and Flickr accounts. Setting up an account is easy.
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Places & Groups

We will allow businesses and organizations in New Orleans to freely publish to our site. Their pages will feature basic information when applicable, such as an overview, contact info and hours. Each page will enable the owner and operators of the business or organization to control their own content. The features at this time include the ability to add blog posts, videos and photos; submit/add events to the calendar; and add/edit a description of the business. This is a free service and we hope everyone can participate. Contact us to set up a page today and begin publishing.


We conceptualize and produce our own videos and photo essays and publish them alongside videos that have been produced in Southern Louisiana or pertain to the area. Our content partners also publish videos freely as they see fit. We hope, in time, to build the definitive archive of local multimedia in the South. Watch.


While the site is an open community and free for anyone to join, it is also curated by our editors to protect from spam and abuse. These are the same editors who help to find the videos, events and news stories that we think matter to you.


Our Events section highlights the happenings of New Orleans - whether it's an arts market, a music show, or a lecture, we will include it all. Events are published by our editors, place and group profiles, and content partners. If an event is missing from our calendar please let us know.

News Filter

We collect and filter local, national, and international news as it pertains to New Orleans. Our News section contains both original news and summaries of the local news we think needs your attention.


There are many organizations in New Orleans with whom we partner for content and information. We design and build content channels for these local partners that allow them to freely publish blogs, events, media and custom content. Coming soon.

The Barometer

When one looks at the current issues that form city life in New Orleans, there exists a diversity of opinions. Some of these opinions are at odds with one another, yet in many instances there exists common ground where it may not be evident. In this section of the site we will design and publish a means to ascertain the local temperature around these issues and solicit not just approval or disapproval but real ideas for how to improve our lives in New Orleans.