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    Barometer  1991 days ago

    Tremeter: Favorite Quotes / Scenes

    'Drive away from here sir.'Big Chief Monk Boudreaux my man. A fearless leader of men. So happy to see him get his due. Also on the same day that he rocked the heritage stage. And that final shot as the bus was driving away, photographic poetry.

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    Barometer  1991 days ago

    Tremeter: Characters

    NOPD BEAT DOWNNOPD might get pissed at the savage depiction of the beat down of Antoine Batiste, but that is their own shit and they have to own it. You don't want to be portrayed like that then don't act like that. The only thing I can say is that…

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    Barometer  1998 days ago

    Tremeter: Cultural Correctness

    Nobody's getting arrested.A couple things on the arrested for weed scene. 1) Camp Greyhound was still in effect. OPP wasn't open. And NOPD was still pretty worn-out and stressed. I don't think they would have given two shits about a joint. If there had been glass then maybe they all…

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    Barometer  2005 days ago

    Tremeter: Cultural Correctness

    "Oooom Bow, Don't Know How."According to my MG Injun insider, Ooom Bow is a big Chief Command to have his gang in a straight line in hierarchial order from Spy Boy to Big Chief to take one knee. I understand that I think what 'the writers' were trying to say…

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    Barometer  2005 days ago

    Tremeter: General Feedback

    Great Camera WorkExcellent. For the first salvo I thought they did an excellent job. The thing that I think everybody needs to keep in mind is that this was the pilot, produced almost over a year ago and on a much tighter budget than the rest of the series will…


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