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    Barometer  1932 days ago

    Tremeter: Cultural Correctness

    Right into "Didn't He Ramble?"At the burial of the kid who was in jail - right after the woman sung...the band went right into "Didn't He Ramble"...when they should have started with Closer Walk w/ thee...INTO Didnt He Ramble. what gives?

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    Barometer  1937 days ago

    Take it to the Street: Photos & Video of Music on the Street

    ALWAYS a way around it...Ok - so we all know that the reason why so many people live here or flock here is because of the street culture. I would be very tempted to move out of the country if a street culture that involved music ceased to exist here.…

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    Barometer  2003 days ago

    Tremeter: General Feedback

    A Flurry of insider info, wise plot lines, and clever characters.Overall, amazing 1st episode. I started to watch it w/ a critical eye at first to pick out it's faults, cause we know almost EVERY show done or set in/about New Orleans has been pretty bad (Angel Heart still on…


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How well did the writers, actors and producers of the HBO series accurately portray New Orleans?

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