'i'm a ninja' 'no you're not' 'did you just see me do that?' 'see what?' 'exactly!' 1935 days ago 

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    Holidays on the Gulf Coast Videos: Music

    Louis Armstrong - Z'at You, Santa ClausSatchmo was just as jolly as Santa.

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    Barometer  1530 days ago

    Saints Videos: Tribute

    World Premiere: The New SupaSaint Video - SupalooseBecause Supa did most of his own stunts in this video AND they replicated every move from the original, this video ROCKS!

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    Barometer  1688 days ago

    A dying city?: Business

    Brain Gain-an exert from "America's Biggest Brain Magnets" posted on "Rather than following a clear path to the world of the "hip and cool," college graduates appear influenced by a more nuanced and complex series of factors in terms of their location. New Orleans' No. 1 ranking, for example,…

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    Barometer  1688 days ago

    A dying city?: Green

    BicyclingI ride my bike for transportation. I ride it to work. I ride it to the store. I ride it to meet up with friends. I ride it to diner. I ride it along the levee. New Orleans is ahead of the game. We already have bike lanes and are…

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    Local Music Videos: Mardi Gras Indians

    'Indian Red' Mardi Gras Indians"We won't bow down." One of the greatest lines out of their chants made popular by HBO's Treme. I love what it says about New Orleans as a people. This is very close to what they sound like live on a Mardi Gras day.


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