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Zip Code: 70119

Relationship With New Orleans:
• Ex-Pat
• Displaced


“We breath in circles. We serve up the meal. We give out our love like a medicine wheel.”, KATUAH!
WHODAT? I believe that Goddess takes care of fools & errant troubadours. I also believe it possible to go native without realizing it. I’ve learned, written & performed my own impressionistic delta folkblues for over 20 years with care to look and listen…and practice practice. I write literate songs. I play: percussively, no picks… *Nylon string guitar made in Spain by Sanchis Carpio. *Ghost slide guitar on an Epiphone PR-850 accoustic and “REMA, the Electric Resonator Guitar!”, designed by Jay Turser {purchased with convoluted FEMA money in Baton Rouge, La after evacuating there from New Orleans 6 days after Hurricane Katrina.} *Hohner harmonicas. I’ve also aquired an Ampeg electric guitar amplifier: tubes, 40 watts, 12” speaker, vintage 1962…serious brown sound. I go for funky, organic, hard to peg music. I produced my first CD, “Babylon Cafe’…revisited” in 1999 as well as my second CD,instrumental, “Smooth to the Fine and other Peaces for the new Melliniumn” 2000.
I live for Science Fiction…as opposed to Sci Fantacy. I enjoy North & South American fiction in general but particularly that written by scientists…or in that genre with Dick,Sterling & Stephenson. Still, I cut my teeth on Falkner and Pynchon.
My other influences go from “e-prime” to Frank Loyd Wright to Frank Zappa to Bucky Fuller to Metaphysics Anonymous (i had to quit).

If you could put me in a church before you nailed the doors shut and burned it down the altar would hold the tao te ching, inside a building built of dharma surrounded by sprawling grounds of Secular Ecohumanism and ringed by a 4 dimensional, wave-like, seething perimeter of guerrilla cyberpunk rail-tail futurist hyper-level social view. I love technology and believe that whatever we want Mother Earth provides. I think of Art as human expression and as such a Socratic Virtue. Yep, right up there with Sight, Hearing and all the rest. If we don’t do it we ain’t never gonna survive. “If I can’t dance I don’t want to come to your revolution!”, Ema Goldman “When the going gets wierd the weird turn pro.”, Hunter S. Thompson Illegitimis Non Carborundum! Lassezes Le Bon Temp Roule’!!!