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Sex: Female
Born in: 1960
Zip Code: 70117

Relationship With New Orleans:
• NOLA Convert


I am a local artist, featured in pyrates alley, healing center, hi ho lounge, skull club, surrey’s and more. Lots of post K dia de muerte art, and designer of wildman johns Indian suit from the wild tchoupatoulas… currently featured artist in treme, series one, and two, also featured artist in sallie ann glassmans documentary on voodou and art in new orleans. Featured Character in Cherie Dimalines latest novel in new orleans, and several grunge books on the seattle scene. I like the day of the dead, architecture, and food porn, and am currently working with 6t’9 social aid and pleasure club, goodchildren carnival club, krewe of pyrates and wenches, and artist for krewedelusion. member of krewe du vieux for five years running, and also involved in a new womens skeleton krewe and drummerkrewe.