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Emerge – St. Claude Arts District and Beyond


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This exhibition celebrates 41 emerging and mid-career artists who live and work in New Orleans. It documents and further validates the burgeoning contemporary art scene developing in the New Orleans St. Claude and Bywater arts districts, but more importantly, artists who have made a decision to live and work in New Orleans. The artists in this collection are relevant, coherent and offer a peek into the world of the new New Orleans contemporary art movement.

The Saratoga Collection:
Libbie Allen, Katrina Andry, James T Bonds, Blaine Capone, Anthony Carriere, Stephen Collier, Bruce Davenport Jr., Michael Dingler, Hannah Downey, Keith Duncan, Brad Dupuy, Robin Durand, Aubrey Edwards, Hayley Gaberlavage, Generic Art Solutions, Grissel Giuliano, Dave Greber, Nick Hasslock, Olivia Hill, Chris Jahncke, Kevin H. Jones, Bruce Keyes, Stephen Kwok, Miranda Lake, Barbie L’Hoste, Srdjan Loncar, Colin Meneghini, Layla Messkoub, Tony Nozero, Alex Podesta, Rajko Radovanovic, Rebecca Rebouche, Aaron Reichert, Terrence Sanders, Jim Sohr, Jameson Stokes, Dan Tague, Robert Tannen, Jonathan Traviesa, Miriam Waterman, and Paige Valente.

The opening is 6 p.m.-8 p.m., during Ogden After Hours featuring John Mooney.



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