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Tales of the Cocktail® is the world’s premier cocktail festival, bringing together the most respected minds on mixology for five days of cocktails, cuisine and culture. Held annually in New Orleans, this international event has something for cocktail professionals and enthusiasts alike with a spirited schedule of seminars, dinners, competitions and tasting rooms where brands showcase their latest products.The occasion also features authors on the subject, “Spirited Dinners,” lectures, demonstrations, and all things “cocktail” (luncheons, parties and cocktail hours). Close to two dozen of the leading restaurants from around the city participate in the various events.

Legend has it that the first true cocktail, the Sazerac, was mixed in New Orleans in the early 19th century by a pharmacist named Antoine Amadee Peychaud. When Monsieur Peychaud poured the mixture of his family’s recipe for stomach bitters and French brandy into double-end egg cups known as coquetiers (pronounced koh-kuh-TYAYS) the slurred pronunciation by imbibers came out like “cocktail.”

Over the years, the cocktail has taken on many exotic incarnations, the most imaginative of which were concocted here in New Orleans. Famous drinks such as the Absinthe Frappe, the Ramos Gin Fizz, the Obituary Cocktail, the Hurricane, the Hand Grenade and many others owe their beginnings to the imagination and creativity of New Orleans bartenders. To commemorate this grand tradition, Tales of the Cocktail® was conceived in 2003 and has rapidly grown into one of the city’s favorite celebrations.

Reservations to the events are strongly recommended—check out their website for more details:



French Quarter

Royal at Dumaine
New Orleans, LA 70116


Tickets on sale March 30 on TOTC website. Single seminar $45; Special events $50; Native spirit package $150; and Founder’s day package $600.


Wednesday July 25 - Sunday July 29.