Emily Estrella and the Faux Barrio Billionaires


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Emily Estrella and the Faux Barrio Billionaires live @ Maison on Frenchmen St.

“Singer Emily Estrella has one helluva stage presence on her as she sang and swayed, made faces and gestures to go with the lyrics and just appeared to be having a great time.”
Jeff Hahne – QC Vibes – Creative Loafing Blog

“Was in New Orleans several weekends ago and had the privilege of seeing you perform…bought a CD and have played it over and over again. Let me know when you have another come out, I will pay to have it shipped to me :)”
Miriam Rieck – Going the Distance




508 Frenchmen St.
New Orleans, LA 70117
(504) 371-5543


Friday June 22 (07:00 PM)