Eric Gordon & the Lazy Boys


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Eric Gordon and the Lazy Boys live @ Maison on Frenchmen St.

Eric Gordon’s Lazy Boys (music group) is one of New Orleans more new but few sought after premier bands. The band performs a wide variety of music such as funk, alternative, hip-hop, jazz, and last but not lease the oh so wonderful new orleans tradition jazz/brass band music combined together to make a musical gumbo that you must hear. The Lazy Boys perform an exciting high energy show that will have you clapping your hands, jumping up and down, and moving your body like never before. The band has been around since 2009 doing various shows at spots around the United States. This band has been looked upon as a great young band with great potential.

Eric Gordon’s Lazy Boys (music group) consists of Eric Gordon on the trumpet and vocals blowing his heart out and making music fun like it should always be, and entertaining you to the best of his ability. Dwayne Finnie on trombone throwing down funky counter-melodies and beautiful harmonies that complement the music like many bands couldn’t mimic if they studied the band for years. Elliot Slayter on guitar playing intoxicating background rhythms and harmonies that will keep your feet tapping and hands clapping throughout the set. Myron Thomas on keyboard structuring chords and background harmony that sings to the ears in every aspect of music without getting too difficult in music like so many do. The different sounds will make you want close your eyes, throw your hands up and just dance to the beautiful music being played. Nick Modica on bass playing the funkiest bass lines ever, he plays lines so funky and full of soul he has you asking “what’s that smell”? Nick will keep you grooving the whole show playing music that will surely keep your head bobbing the entire time. Ezell Smith Jr. on the Drum kit delivering funky beats all night and can change the style in the drop of a dime to make you feel like your anywhere in the world without leaving the room, also Errol Marchand on percussion playing so many various instruments including cowbell, cymbals and congas. Every one of these instruments bring a different feel and will keep your musical bone tingling. Together the band brings a group of instrumentalist which will have your mind, body, and soul filled with pleasure. The Lazy Boys will have you feeling like you’re having a musical orgasm with all the intoxicating rhythms and harmonies being played. Eric Gordon’s Lazy Boy music group is something you need to hear without a shadow of a doubt.




508 Frenchmen St.
New Orleans, LA 70117
(504) 371-5543




Sunday July 29 (10:00 PM)