TASTE W/ Room Service Band feat RQ Away


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…a pleasant haze fills the room, sounds of laughter, sighs of relief, and rhythmic bass. Only interrupted by the introduction of guitar rifts, a soulful saxophone and snare taps…sounds nice huh? This is “Taste” an event that replaces the “pre-monday” blues with thoughts of lounging in The Hookah with friends. A mature event centered around the hookah itself, and its ability to relax and promote ease of spiritual function, with the additives of alcohol, DJ, and 6 piece band. Sound tempting? Sunday nights at The Hookah (309 Decatuar) let us prepare you for a night out on the town or simply revel in a night out of your ordinary .

Taste Specials: $60 (+tax & gratuity) VIP (Entry & reserved seating for 2, bottle of wine & Hookah of your choice) or buy a bottle of wine and get any hookah 1/2 off

1/2 off cover all summer ($5)
18 +

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The Hookah

309 Decatur St.
New Orleans, LA 71106


$5 admission


Sunday August 5 - Sunday August 26. Sundays (08:00 PM - 12:00 AM)