Lagnaippe Brass Band @ SANFRANOLA

6/26/12 Public Works SF


Lagniappe Brass Band is an established brass band in New Orleans, Louisiana dedicated to bringing out the funkiest brass music to the dancing masses. We based our name on the French term, “Lagniappe” which is defined as “something given or obtained gratuitously or by way of good measure.” Mark Twain writes about the word as “a word worth traveling to New Orleans to get.” The Lagniappe Brass Band is here to give you the best brass music – and a little extra.


A complimentary sample of jambalaya will be provided (while it lasts) by Jambalaya Girl, of Cook Me Somethin’ Mister®, a company which creates and distributes a mix based on the Preau family recipe.


GNO, Inc. – A regional economic development agency serving the 10-parish Greater New Orleans region. GNO, Inc. serves to both market the region to companies seeking opportunities in Greater New Orleans, as well as to improve business conditions through policy, workforce and other initiatives.

The Canary Collective – A design and development studio whose projects range from small start-ups, larger foundations, and universities to internal, curated projects of their own making.

Dirty Coast – This team of designers and cultural ambassadors makes it possible to “be a New Orleanian wherever you are” in style. Their products spark conversations of The Big Easy all over the world.