Change We Can Create Summer Camp 09. select films

Selected films from 2-cent’s Change We Can Create Summer camp, films were written and directed by the students and produced by 2-cent plus the students… enjoy!!


  •   Eaux_d_Humidity     +3   Posted 2159 days ago 

    "use your camera as a weapon" - Awesome!
    These kids are going to continue to fuel the change if we support them and provide them with the means.

  •   NolaNinja     +3   Posted 2159 days ago 

    2-cent gets my interest.
    Teaching kids to share their opinions and that they do matter and that they CAN affect change.
    Can we please get Dreaux Raymond and all kids young and old a Free Skate park?
    Really. Where else IS he suppose to skate besides the street?

  •   Penelope     0   Posted 2124 days ago 

    keep these coming! i look forward to more from 2cent!