Cajun Canon Berserker

This is awesome. If he ain’t drunk then the saints are 4-0, oh shit the saints are 4-0. A little over-zealous in the press box maybe, but hey it was a late start. Personally I always thought the ‘no cheering in the press box’ tenet was always a little over-bearing. I always figured if I was there free I should at least keep myself from a sack dance, unless of course I was Will Smith.


  •   wolfjam     0   Posted 2160 days ago 

    Mad Props to the photographer who panned over that was great timing. And how bout the dude just in front of the lens...Classic

  •   jeffschwartz     0   Posted 2160 days ago 

    Haha--amazing. Gotta love it. Where else but NOLA?

  •   8valvehero     +1   Posted 2156 days ago 

    NFL alumni are allowed to do that.

  •   LucyLu24     0   Posted 2153 days ago 

    I love that man.