MAYOR MOON LANDRIEU - A Panel Discussion

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On November 4th, the Louisiana Humanities Center hosted a panel discussion on the 1970-1978 mayoralty of Moon Landrieu. Panelists focused on the desegregation of City Hall, the structural changes made in the city and government, and the leadership style of the mayor. A partnership of the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, EngageNola, and Humid Beings, “The Mayors of New Orleans” continues on November 18th at 7pm with a panel on Dutch Morial. For more information, visit or contact LHC Program Director Brian Boyles at


  •   andrewlarimer     +1   Posted 2119 days ago 

    This is such a great series LEH is doing. I went to the Vic Schiro one, and am pretty bummed I can't make it to the rest of the series due to a previous commitment. So I'm pysched to be able to watch them here!

  •   MitchMuses     +1   Posted 2119 days ago 

    Wow. This is great.

    So much history and insider stories. Folks who really know how we got to where we are, the good and the bad.

    Why do some folks hate Moon Landrieu again?

  •   VeraRocks     0   Posted 2119 days ago 

    It is SO good that you guys are documenting and streaming these. So glad I can watch.

  •   bboyles     0   Posted 2118 days ago 

    Thanks for the positive feedback. Hope y'all can make it to the Dutch Morial panel 11/18, 7pm @the LHC.