Flanagan's Christmas Special Third Annual 2009

2009 Third Annual Flanagan’s Christmas Special. Written by Andy Overslaugh and David S. White. Directed by David S. White. Featuring all your favorite Flanagan’s Employees and a new dance craze sweeping the nation, “The Ice Man”.

Filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana and in the French Quarter. Featuring a re-invented version of the classic Christmas version of Three Ships.

Now with extra beards!

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!



  •   MissMalaprop     0   Posted 2118 days ago 

    God, I love this. I could watch the music bit over and over and over.... (Oh wait, I already have.)

  •   niugnep     0   Posted 1762 days ago 

    Thanks for posting this! We're working on the one for this year. I'll let you know when it's up. -David