C. Ray Nagin - A Panel Discussion

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The Louisiana Humanities Center’s series on the history of the New Orleans mayoralty concluded on January 13th with a panel focused on current mayor C. Ray Nagin. Clancy DuBos moderated a panel with former Chief Administrative Officer Charles Rice, public relations consultant Bill Rouselle, Dr. Andre Perry of the University of New Orleans, and Kenya Smith, current Director of Recovery Management for the City.


  •   MitchMuses     0   Posted 2083 days ago 

    I wanted this for 30 minutes and then had to ask myself, who the hell is this Kenya Smith guy and how much is he really being paid to spin Nagin into less of the complete failure as a leader?

    This guy is a skilled slime-ball for sure. Remind me to hire him if I ever need someone to polish a turd.

    Nagin's golden moment was before he had to really do anything for the city. As soon as he was really challenged to be a leader it was failure city, not chocolate city.