Saints Superbowl Victory Celebration Uptown

Magazine Street in New Orleans. February 7th, 2010, moments after the Saints won the Superbowl.
We love this city! Musicians playing from the back of pickup trucks, grown men crying, girls trying to make out with police officers, public buses spontaneously erupting into Who Dat chants. Thank you Saints for bringing New Orleans so much JOY!

Cottage Films


  •   Penelope     +3   Posted 2025 days ago 

    This is by far the best video I have seen to capture the amazing spirit of our beloved New Orleans!

  •   giobigez     +3   Posted 2025 days ago 

    resurrecting new orleans, one superbowl at a time. thank you, saints!

  •   StayHealthyLa     +3   Posted 2025 days ago 

    Now that's Lombardi Gras:

    The party that took place across Louisiana, the Gulf Coast, Miami (and perhaps around the world) following Super Bowl 44, through the collective conscience of Saints fans everywhere, shall be referred to as Lombardi Gras in the history books. The yelling, clapping, dancing, hugging, singing, laughing and crying experienced by Lombardi Gras 2010 attendees represents the basis of Lombardi Gras' defining characteristics. For many years to come, Lombardi Gras will be remembered and celebrated by Saints fans everwhere who were all in that number.!/pages/Lombardi-Gras/284540211777?v=wall&ref=ts