Linnzi Zaorski

A mix of songs live from DBA, Frenchmen Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.

“ Linnzi is the Ninth Ward’ s torchiest torch singer, evoking the lost,
romantic days when men were men and women were dames in seamed stockings
and stiletto heels.” —Offbeat Magazine

“ She decided to come back to New Orleans, beautiful move, her whole heart, but how
to survive. I suggest that she star in a movie soon, because she looks just right like a
cross between an icy Hitchcock blonde and the silent movie era comedienne.” –Andrei

“ Even when singing laments like “Why Was I Born?” you get the impression that beneath
the pout, there is an assured smirk, that when she declares “Our Love Is Here To Stay,”
she’s crossing her fingers. This girl’s definitely got style.” –Offbeat Magazine

“ Most of the current female jazz vocalists sing with an airy-prettiness, but Zaorski sings
like the brassy, sassy broads of yesteryear.” —-ZeeGig San Diego