Where in the World is Chris Rose?

Chris Rose’s last article for the New Orleans faithful appeared on Channa 8’s website on October 20th, 2010. A great article that summarized the “soap opera-esque” drama surrounding the Kern family, the ruling elite, and Mardi Gras. On the 22nd of October Kevin Allman, editor for Gambit, wrote an article stating that Chris was to have surgery on his hand and they hoped he would be back in a couple weeks. It is now January 25th, the Mardi Gras season is upon us, bleacher seats are being erected and the literary icon of Post-Katrina New Orleans is no where to be seen. One report has Rose moving back to Maryland to take care of his family. Though I only have spoken with Chris in passing, which is to say we’ve sat next to each other at a Bar, I find it hard to believe that he would leave or take leave with out a note. Truth be told since David Foster Wallace wrote “Infinite Jest,” it’s been difficult for me to really connect with many writers, with the notable exception being Chris Rose. His articles have caused me to laugh out loud, or burst into a tidal wave of tears, both uncontrollably. His love for the city is pure and heartfelt and if his last editorial for Channa 8 is in fact his last, then it bears noting its significance during the Carnival season:

“What has the rich torn asunder is the threat to their fanciful world of tractor pull wagons made of paper maiche, foam statues of animals, mythological creatures and big heads. On their success – or demise – lies the future of New Orleans as we know it. Katrina, the oil spill, crime, the cops; now this. How much more, really, can New Orleanians be expected to endure? So the city’s kingmakers – literally – the captains of the big, prestigious and secretive Carnival krewes, face the unthinkable demise of the float builders who create the bizarre fantasy world in which the city’s richest folks percolate. If these men took on issues like education, crime and oil rig safety with such urgency, it’s hard to imagine what this city could be like.”

We miss you Chris, if you’ve got time drop a line and let us know you’re ok?



  •   StayHealthyLa     +1   Posted 1713 days ago 

    "Channa 8" ... love it. It appears to be a typo, but I implore you to leave it as it sounds like a good local accent saying Channel 8...

  •   mcegielski     +1   Posted 1713 days ago 

    Chalmette accent???? my sistduh is bringin da gumbo for da saints game on channa 8

  •   skooks     +1   Posted 1712 days ago 

    For clarity's sake, is it me or is the name of this post's author not evident anywhere on the page? If you're going to write in the first person, can you give us some idea who that person is? A name or a handle will suffice. Anything but this disembodied "I" who reads DFW and Chris Rose.

  •   mlferman     +1   Posted 1712 days ago 

    I too miss Chris. I was very unhappy when he and the Times-Picayune parted ways (Left or fired?). My spirits were elevated when he appeared on Channel 8. Although I was disappointed that it was the local Fox/Benson affiliate that he chose, Chris on a rotten network is better than no Chris at all.
    Now he has disappeared from my media, but not my conscience.
    Chris, you can come home again!!!

  •   NolaNinja     0   Posted 1712 days ago 

    Wolfjam must've been too busy missing Chris to add his name.

  •   Gambit     +1   Posted 1712 days ago 

    Hey there - it's Kevin from Gambit. We'll have an announcement regarding Chris Rose soon, assuming Rose doesn't beat us to the punch himself.

    I realize this sounds cryptic and doesn't directly answer your question, but that's all I can say at the moment. Thanks for asking... I'll come back and update later if you like.

    ps - I think "WTF is Chris Rose?" should be the next Dirty Coast shirt.

  •   Gambit     +2   Posted 1711 days ago 

    ... aaaaand your question answered:


  •   Eaux_d_Humidity     0   Posted 1710 days ago 

    Thanks Kevin!

  •   kgh624     0   Posted 1698 days ago 

    Love me some Chris. Is this video from 2007 or 2011??