so today's airborne nuisance? dirt. leaves. trash. was really wishing we had a full-face helmet whilst riding the scooter today. super gusty 1687 days ago 

sculpture in city park

January 14th, 2010


so i’ve been taking these daily walks, mostly in the afternoons cuz it’s been so friggin cold. i usually walk from my house on iberville over to city park, and then around the park a bit, then back home.

i take my phone with me, and so i’ve been noticing things that i want to take pics of, so even though the cell phone cam isn’t all that great, it’s what i got.

this sculpture is one of those that were i think done for prospect.1 in city park. it’s so appealing to me, as this huge piece made of a bunch of busted up junk. love it.


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