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My Papa and Me.

March 24th, 2011


So, I sent my grandad a set of dog tags with his name on it. The thing is, he was only 14 when the attack on Pearl Harbor occurred. So needless to say, though eager to join the fight, he was too young and even ended up finding out he’s flat footed, therefore couldn’t serve in the military. He’s very openly proud of this country and especially the men ("and women!" he always adds emphatically) who sacrificed their lives and sanity for our freedoms. So I sent him the dogtags & he loved it so much, he called me to tell me he was giving me a 1924 silver dollar he wore around his neck in the 40’s as ‘faux’ dog tags. He wanted to send it to me in the mail, and I told him that things like this shouldn’t be trusted in the always reliable hands of the USPS and that he should just "deliver them in person." Of course me thinking next time I’m in town I can get it from him. Well, turns out they were planning to go see his nephew in Mobile and wanted to drive to Nola, tour the WW2 Museum with me, and spend the night in a hotel, returning to Mobile the following day. Today was that day. I have to say, I will certainly remember this day for a long long time.


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