There are numerous ways to work with Humid Beings as an advertiser. For starters, every advertiser has their own account on the site and can pick and choose the campaigns they wish to run. Also, every advertiser will have control over their budget and schedule. We can also offer to produce content for your site and for

We are happy to design packages for a specific ad campaign. Just touch base and lets discuss your needs.

Here is a list of our services:

Video Ads

We offer the ability to play a 15 second advertisement in the beginning of our original featured videos. We charge $0.05 per play. And with a minimum purchase of $500.00, that’s 10,000 views of your video ad.

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Banner Ads

We want you to have the control to run your advertising campaigns. If at anytime you need help designing banners Humid Beings can assist you. There is a banner design option in the advertiser dashboard interface. Please note that charges will apply when using the design option.

With a flat monthly fee you get these banner ads in rotation site wide:

  • Main Banner: 220×300 pixels
  • Secondary banner: 300×120 pixels
  • Special Content Channel Banner: 300×250 pixels
  • Featured Content MiniBanner: 230×70 pixels
  • Top Banner: 728×90 pixels

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RSS Sponsorship

One of the most common ways to access content online with ease is through a desktop enabled, browser or hand-held based RSS reader. A RSS feed stands for Real Simple Syndication. < > The Humid Beings RSS is simply all the content that is published to the site or to a certain section. This RSS feed can be subscribed to by users. Under each element received from the RSS feed is a sponsorship title and description of the business or organization with a link. ex. Dirty Coast Press – makers of locally themed t-shirts and clothing –

RSS sponsorships costs $100.00 a week. There is a cap of 3 sponsor slots at any given time. RSS sponsorships can be controlled in the Advertiser dashboard.

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Weekly Eletter

Every Thursday we send an e-letter that summarizes spotlighted weekly news, content from the previous week, a forecast of events and featured videos. The e-letter sponsor receives a banner placed at the top containing their title and description with an additional banner below content.

To be an e-letter sponsor you need to choose an available week and register 2 weeks in advance of the e-letter for prep time of banners.

E-letter sponsorships cost $100.00.

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Paid Placement

Business or Organizations who wish to be featured at the top of their category to receive added prominence can pay for that priveladge. Paid placement costs 20.00 a day and is controlled in the Advertiser dashboard.

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Places Videos

We offer a paid service that can’t be matched by anyone else. Using High Definition equipment, local video professionals can produce, shoot and edit a professional 90 second video spot for your business or organization. We deliver the final product on DVD for your use and place the video online on your page at

Places videos cost $1500.00 with a $500.00 nonrefundable deposit due to schedule the piece. $500.00 is due at the shoot and $500.00 will be due on delivery. The end result is a video that does more than a print advertisement ever could.

Here is an example:

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