This site was built with the intent not only to give the end user the means to publish their own content but also to allow for a space to republish the best of local news and media. We say republish because we understand that everyone has ownership of their content and their brands. Our goal is to republish this branded content to a larger audience with a focus on New Orleans and the surrounding communities. That’s where you come in, as a content collaborator.

If you are a local producer of content, whether it’s articles, events, reviews, photography or video, we can create a means for you to publish that content and share it with the community on the Humid Beings site. We can also create custom layouts for your content. In addition, we share 20% of all advertising revenue with all content collaborators.

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Antigravity Magazine
4916 Freret, New Orleans, LA 70115

Leo McGovern publishes ANTIGRAVITY, a music and culture magazine in New Orleans that features interviews and write-ups on local and national bands as well as pieces on local businesses, comics, and reviews. AG started in June of ’04 and continued monthly until September ’05, when flooding caused by Katrina destroyed his and many other homes in N.O. AG restarted in late October ’05 and is back for the long haul.

Arts Council of New Orleans
818 Howard Ave., Ste. 300, New Orleans, LA 70113
Ph: 504.523.1465
Fx: 504.529.2430

The Arts Council of New Orleans is a private, non-profit organization designated as the City’s official arts agency. Now in its 33rd year, the Arts Council serves as one of eight regional distributing agencies for state arts funds and administers available municipal arts grants and the Percent For Art program for the City of New Orleans.

The Arts Council works in partnership with the City of New Orleans, community groups, local, state, and national governmental agencies, and other nonprofit arts organizations to meet the arts and cultural needs of the New Orleans community through a diversity of initiatives and services.

Tulane City Center
Tulane School of Architecture
6823 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70118

Cornerstones is an effort to document and advocate for the overlooked and threatened landmarks of New Orleans. With the input of New Orleanians (living here and elsewhere), Cornerstones will be the first ground-up approach to identify New Orleans’ impor­tant historical and cultural sites and we believe it will broaden our ideas about the types of spaces that are important to our city and why they are significant to us.

Generally in New Orleans, places have been designated as important landmarks based on their architectural significance or their role in official histories. We hope our featured cornerstones help you consider other ways spaces are meaningful to our communities, such as adding playful design and color to our streets, grounding cultural traditions, storing local histories, or offering a sense of neighborhood belonging. As nominations are submitted, Cornerstones, with the help of the Tulane City Center, will update our online registry to feature the places you think are important to our neighborhoods and New Orleans. The online registry will include nominators’ written narratives, interview excerpts, photographs, and architectural drawings to illustrate the dynamic intersection of places and people that make our city unique.

The creation of a registry of everyday monuments and gathering places is essential in post-Katrina New Orleans, since demolition and redevelopment plans are not always sensitive to the ways in which our cornerstones keep our community environments and social and cultural networks intact. With your help, we also want to note threats to the vitality of nominated places, so we can advocate for our vulnerable landmarks, many that have made New Orleans worth coming home to.


EngageNOLA is a coalition of young professional organizations and individuals working to connect their peers to the local civic landscape through education and action initiatives.

EngageNOLA represents a diverse group of young adults that have come together to create a new era of civic engagement and government accountability in New Orleans by mobilizing young adults. The group is driven by a motivation to upend the status quo toward creating positive lasting change in the city.

EngageNOLA initiatives are designed to create opportunities for local young professionals to collaborate directly with other civic leaders to implement forward thinking visions for the region. Through education and action initiatives, we are working to connect our peers to the local policy landscape, and establish a politically educated, networked, and involved generation of young professionals. Initial efforts of EngageNOLA are focused on affecting the 2010 city elections – not by endorsing a candidate – but by involving residents in the political process and demanding a higher level of dialogue from the candidates, so everyone can make more educated voting decisions.

In particular, EngageNOLA is working to provide opportunities for local young professionals to help shape dialogue in advance of and during the upcoming 2010 Mayoral and City Council elections. Beyond the election, EngageNOLA seeks to work on accountability of elected officials and transparency in government.

“If I were Mayor” is a joint collaboration between EngageNOLA, Humid Beings and PolicyPitch aimed at sparking community engagement in the upcoming 2010 Mayoral race through the use of online video technology. This project invites citizens to communicate to Mayoral candidates and the community as a whole what they would do if they were Mayor thus highlighting what are the most pressing issues facing the city of New Orleans from their perspective through online video uploads. This project will be launched with an introductory video highlighting local community/civic leaders and New Orleans citizens from every walk of life.

Static Television

Static Television is a New Orleans based television show that focuses on underground musical acts from all over the world with a focus on Louisiana artists; originally airing on Cox 10 in New Orleans on October 16th, 2006 with an interview from the Spinto Band. Static Television was originally created by Adam Bandera and Wesley Swinnen. They brought Pami P on as host. Adam Bandera left early in 2007 to pursue other projects.

They started their second season on June 26th, 2007 with an interview with Fishbone. On May 27, 2008, at the conclusion of the second season Pami P stepped down as host.

Static Television has featured interviews from the likes of Of Montreal, Architecture in Helsinki, Dr. Dog, Jamie Lidell, and the Black Lips as well as such local Louisiana bands as Rotary Downs, the Morning 40 Federation, Ballzack, Brass Bed and the Peekers. As well as special appearances from such local personalities as Supa Saint and Lil Doogie; and featuring segments from Defend New Orleans (DNO) Video.

As well as bringing original programing to New Orleans, Static has also sponsored numerous shows in addition to other cultural events throughout the city since its inception.
Static Television still airs on Cox 10 in New Orleans on Tuesdays at 10PM and on Thursdays at 6:30PM and as well as on their website.