Christian Brothers School

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Christian Brothers School is a small private Roman Catholic school in the Archdiocese of New Orleans for boys whose purpose and goal is to continue the moral, intellectual, social, cultural, spiritual, emotional and physical development of its pupils.

The endeavor is carried on in an atmosphere imbued with the Gospel Values, particularly those of mutual love and respect between and among teachers and pupils.

Christian Brothers School is conducted by the Brothers of the Christian Schools of the New Orleans – Santa Fe Province who are ably assisted by dedicated and qualified lay men. Our work of Christian education is carried on with the assistance and cooperation of the parents, the primary educators of children.

Our ultimate goal is that each student, upon completing his course of studies at Christian Brothers, will have had the opportunity to acquire the self-discipline and academic skills to continue his education in the most challenging of academic environments.

This all boys Roman Catholic school serves grades 5-7.


Christian Brothers School

8 Frederichs Ave
New Orleans, LA 70124
504 486 6770


Mid-City - Bayou St John