Phoenix of New Orleans (PNOLA)

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PNOLA is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the recovery of the residents of Lower Mid-City in New Orleans.

PNOLA has worked on homes for families that include people who were ripped off by contractors; people who did not receive enough money from their insurance companies or the Road Home Program to hire a contractor; and people who are in the forgotten portion of the population that has too much money to qualify for the free rebuilding assistance that many other non-profits provide, but not enough money to hire a contractor to get the full job done on their own.

The PNOLA Housing Recovery Program matches the assistance we provide with the homeowner’s resources. Once we’ve determined that they have the finances to pay for materials and trade labor, we use our skilled carpenters, trusted tradesmen, and eager volunteers to do professional quality work at a significantly lower cost, saving the homeowner between $15,000 and $75,000.

Now in our fourth year of operation, PNOLA has:

1. Gutted over 200 properties
2. Performed 75 complete and partial home rebuilding projects
3. Saved homeowners over $2,750,000 in labor costs.
4. Secured over $425,000 in project funding for homeowners who could not afford their own materials and labor.
5. Returned 25 rental units to commerce with plans for additional 25 this year.
6. Recruited over 5,000 volunteers from across the US, contributing more than 125,000 hours of service.
7. Assisted with the construction of a restaurant that is now used to train at-risk youth for future employment.
8. Partnered with KaBOOM! to build 10 playgrounds around the city for children to have somewhere safe to play.
9. Installed 15 trash cans in neighborhoods suffering from excess litter.
10. Planted over 100 replacement trees for those lost to Hurricane Katrina.
11. Gutted 5 churches, completed construction on 1, and are currently in the process of rebuilding another.
12. Partnered with a nearby community center to gut and clean out their building, with future goals of building a playground on their property for neighborhood children. We also hold our annual Kid’s Fair there as a way to draw people there who may not know about the resources that they provide.

This year our goal is to rebuild 45 houses. Help us make it happen! If you’re in need of our assistance, please call us at 504.208.4821. If you’d like to volunteer, please send an email to And if you’d like to donate, please visit us at our website, and click on the ““Donate Now!”“ button.”


Phoenix of New Orleans (PNOLA)

2307 Bienville St.
New Orleans, LA 70119


Mid-City - Bayou St John


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