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Make your own MAGIC

Gris Gris Lab redefines the concept of magic in contemporary society and examines transformational living, intentional community and creative expression as a powerful means to healing.

Culture magic is practiced by transforming the processes of possessiveness and competition into systems of sharing and cooperation, or by renewing processes of neighborly mutual aid, or by maintaining traditional tribal culture, the result is a change in quality of life and shifts in personal values.

Creating our own happiness ethic through processes transformational living through social contracts within a community is essentially the process of collective behavior resulting in forms of intentional community, defined as people practicing common agreement and collective action.

By providing intentional community organizer training, Gris Gris Lab influences a generation of organizers towards social entrepreurship, healing and engaging diverse members in a neighborhood.

Meet the Gris Gris Makers:

Gia Hamilton
Gris Gris Mama/Executive Director
Gia, Gris Gris Lab founder, envisioned The Lab 8 years ago while pregnant with her first child. After two unassisted births, one homebirth and engaging in wacky home experiments like “TV Free Home,” “Living Without a Net,” and “ Make Your Own Toys” in planet Brooklyn, Gia returned home to New Orleans. As an Urban Shaman, Gia can be found randomly building altars around the city, leading moon rituals, tending to the Magic Garden, making herbal preparations and dancing for hours to any music that moves her spirit. On any given day, Gia transforms into a superhero – Goddess In Action- using her Jedi Master, Maker of Magic, Tickle Monster Mommy, Intentional Community Organizer, Lifestyle Coaching, Alternative Educating, Radical Parenting, Healing and Artistic powers to create sacred spaces, initiate healing and creatively consult those in her presence. In the evenings, after an eventful and magical day, she enjoys quantum tunneling with her three sons into far and not so far universes.

mobile: 347.517.0045

Vignette Ching
Poetic Visionary/Creative Consultant
Vignette seeks innovation by juxtaposing seemingly unlike things, thereby harnessing her superpowers as a dabbling generalist. She is currently branding the term ecclectomaniac to define her varied interests and fervor for amassing different skills. Some talents include (but are not limited to), dream actualizer, dragon tamer, healer, sometimes guilty watcher of bad TV, reiki practitioner, shaman’s apprentice, multidisciplinary artist/activist, community organizer, general disorganizer, neologism fanatic, and not-so-closeted lover of Broadway musicals. She is delighted to apply her varied talents to the Gris Gris community as a poetic visionary. She views her role of creative consultant as an opportunity to highlight and maximize the existing resources within her immediate and global community. By working in partnership, Vignette hopes to marry unconventional concepts of healing, art, and living to illuminate the world around her.

mobile: 626.523.4916

Tara Foster
Mistress of Media/Creative Consultant
Tara Foster is an artist, writer, curator-in-training, mistress of media, juggler and recent transplant to New Orleans. She found her way to the Crescent City by way of lessons learned in the five boroughs of New York City; Chicago, IL; southeast Australia; and Burlington, VT. Tara has immersed herself in such occupations as event planning, poetic exposition, critical art writing, marketing proposals production, urbanscape photography, digitally-based artistic expression, and vine training. A love of the vibrant, New Orleanian energy and spirit called Tara here to, among many things, officially steer her life down a path of effecting creative change and social justice. Tara believes that creating art is a basic human need and instinct, and with Gris Gris Lab, she hopes to help redefine the ways in which those needs are met and understood.

mobile: 802.578.3381

Diana Jih
Magic Permaculture Garden Gatekeeper
Diana Jih has laid down roots in lots of locations, on many farms in New England, her hometown of San Francisco, India, Lesotho, South Africa, Chicago, and Taiwan. Most recently she hopes to establish roots along the gnarled Mississippi banks as an intern for Gris Gris Lab’s Magic Permaculture Garden. Hopefully, those roots will crack through the sidewalk like the old oaks or hang in your face like Spanish moss. Though currently content as a B-side version of her favorite kitchen star, her grandmother, she would love to some day ferment kim chee with the best and most be-jowled old women. Come garden, cook, or chat with her anytime about permaculture and green design, urban food systems, nutrition and public health, or our mission to help re-enchant the world through gardening at Gris Gris.


Gallery Hours of Operation: (also by appointment)

Tuesday: 11am – 4pm

Friday: 1pm – 6pm

Saturday: 11am- 4pm

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Gris Gris Lab

2245 Brainard Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 654-1927


Garden District


Tuesday: 11am – 4pm

Friday: 1pm – 6pm

Saturday: 11am- 4pm