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The Hollygrove Market and Farm (HM&F) is a non-profit retail store selling locally-grown and organic produce, as well as a training location for residents interested in organic urban farming. Centrally located in the heart of the Carrollton-Hollygrove community at 8301 Olive Street, New Orleans, LA 70118. This unique store provides healthy and affordable fruits and vegetables to residents of Hollygrove, adjoining neighborhoods, and New Orleans. Our fresh produce is purchased from local sources:

* backyard growers * community gardens * urban micro-farms in New Orleans * rural farms throughout southern Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama

We also obtain produce from national organic growers.

The store is located on an acre of ground in a distinct setting. It will incorporate numerous environmentally-sustainable features: organic gardening, composting, cistern irrigation, and recycling, among others. Through a partnership with the nonprofit New Orleans Food and Farm Network, fruit and vegetable gardens will be tended on the land adjacent to the main building. An organic certification program will be conducted by the New Orleans Food and Farm Network. The retail store is currently undergoing renovations, however the CSA-style market is fully operational.

Our Vision:
The goal of the HM&F is to increase accessibility of fresh produce to underserved neighborhoods, and to promote sustainability through support of locally-grown produce. Accessibility to fresh produce means it is both available and affordable. Sustainability refers to the economic, social, and environmental benefits that occur: shorter transport distances for produce, increased support and incentives for local producers, a stronger monetary investment in New Orleans, and the formation of a secure source of produce.

Profiles on growers and information on their growing methods will be made available at the store. There will be opportunities for growers and consumers to periodically interact face-to-face. The business operations of the store will be transparent to all. The store site will be a learning center for green-building features, an integral part of the store’s mission.


Hollygrove Market & Farm

8301 Olive Street
New Orleans, LA 70118


Uptown / Carrollton


Saturdays 10am-2pm