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David Harouni’s entire life has been one of migration — building bonds with a community and then being forced to desert it, creating memories and being compelled to leave the comforts of familiarity, abandoning cultures he knew and creating new memories.

The successful immigrant is one who makes a decision, takes a strong step towards a goal, and makes what seemed unreachable a reality. He does not mourn what he left behind; he does not occupy himself with what has passed. He has faith in his strength and ability to overcome all obstacles in his path or at least has the courage to face them. He achieves fortitude through perseverance that renders daily obstacles meaningless to him.

The language of painting is not in words but in imagery. In David Harouni’s work, it is in the technique, the palette and the motion of his brush. Through his brush he paints the emotions, the challenges, the adventures, the failures, the successes, the weaknesses, the fears, the pride and the enormous strength of a wanderer, an exile.

Through many migrations and emotions he has experienced in his life, David Harouni’s artwork shows great depth and insight. Come and view his expansive collection of work.


Harouni Gallery

900 Royal @ the corner of Dumaine
New Orleans, LA 70116
(504) 299-8900


French Quarter