La Divina Gelateria

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Artisan gelato made fresh daily using only the best all natural, local and organic ingredients.
While living in Florence, Italy, Katrina and Carmelo fell in love with the Italian passion for the simple, wonderful pleasures of everyday life. The epitome of this lifestyle was the leisurely evening stroll, the passeggiata, when the whole city poured into the streets to see friends and neighbors. Often, the evening was capped off with a scoop or two of Italian ice cream, gelato.

Inspired to bring this experience to New Orleans, the Turillo’s traveled across Italy and studied the artisanal method of making gelato and sorbetto from scratch.

Despite delays caused by Hurricane Katrina, La Divina Gelateria opened on February 26, 2007. La Divina is the only place in the State of Louisiana to make gelato (or ice cream for that matter) from scratch without pastes, powders or bases – and you can taste the difference!

Everything is all natural, local and organic whenever possible. We use Smith’s Creamery milk from happy grass-fed, hormone free cows, organic sugar, fresh eggs, and the best local produce, nuts, chocolates, and herbs we can find!

The panini are made in the classic Italian tradition with fresh, top quality ingredients that let each pure flavor shine through.

The espresso is 100% Arabica beans, custom roasted and blended for a great crema and a deep satisfying flavor with no bitterness.

On your next passeggiata, stop in and enjoy a little bit of Italy right here on Magazine Street.
La Divina Gelateria is committed to producing delicious, artisanal gelati & sorbetti in a sustainable business environment.

To this end, we employ many green business practices:

La Divina renovated green: no VOC paint, tankless water heaters, sunlights in our kitchen, and high energy efficiency appliances.

La Divina uses real plates, glass, and silverware whenever possible.

For our to go orders, we use biodegradable plastics made from corn and potatoes. Those cute little cups you get your gelato in are made from corn!

La Divina recycles: So the next time you visit, be sure to give us you bottle or can when you’re done with it.

La Divina composts: All of our kitchen scraps and coffee grounds are separated and sent to our partner organizations for composting!



La Divina Gelateria

3005 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70115


Uptown / Carrollton


Sun – Thu: 11am – 10pm
Fri & Sat: 11am – 11pm