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A collaborative multimedia studio and event space, CANARY was founded with the intention of bringing all forms of creative expression to the Arts District. Part working studio, part gallery, part event space, 329 Julia will mine the local community and collaborate with various organizations in the New Orleans community dedicated to different facets of the arts and media.

We provide creative services and consulting for our clients. We launch and run our own brands. We throw parties, host gallery openings and screen films. Busy, busy birds.


  •   Benuptown     +1   Posted 2185 days ago 

    Nice shadow effect. Was it planned or just a fortuitous placement?

  •   Eaux_d_Humidity     0   Posted 2185 days ago 

    Thanks Benuptown! I actually took this picture with my iPhone after noticing the cool shadow effect. David Borgerding, a local sculptor, designed the letters and I feel like he intended to cause shadow...... I keep meaning to actually get a better shot with an 'official' camera but am always missing the shadow when i think about it.

CANARY Gallery

329 Julia St.
New Orleans, LA 70130


CBD / Warehouse / Arts District


Wed-Fri 2-5, and 1st Saturdays of the month