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Capdeville, simply put, is just a really well done bar serving really well done comfort foods. Stylistically if you had to put it into words (and most interesting bar owners hate this as much as musicians hate the “sounds like” comparisons), it can be best described as relevant Americana, with homage to American whiskey, New Orleans Mayor Capdeville (after whom the space is named), and albums in an antiquated jukebox that every American man should have listened to as a boy or should be listening to now.

Atmospherically, it will probably feel more like the social houses found in London rather than anything slick or scene-like, as enjoying people and camaraderie is just the nature of owner/founders Robert LeBlanc and Matt Alleman and GM/Partner James Eustis. In short, though, this is not a concept bar ‘created to attract and entertain (insert slick buzz words here).’ Rather it is a collection of the favorite things (drinks, food, music, photos) of its owners and founders all done really well. It will probably instantly feel lived in and will become a timeless classic without any concerted effort toward such.


  •   gboxer     +1   Posted 2030 days ago 

    SO GOOD! try the capedeville burger and the truffle fries....delish!


520 Capdeville Street
New Orleans, LA 70130


CBD / Warehouse / Arts District


Monday – Thursday 11:30am – till, kitchen until 11pm
Friday 11:30am – till, kitchen until 1am
Saturday 6pm – till, kitchen until 1am