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Axistudios specializes in recording, mixing, editing, arranging and producing. Axis can also provide studio musicians to assist clients as needed. Axistudio is conveniently located in Metairie, Louisiana – only minutes from the historic French Quarter in New Orleans. Our clients are provided with high-quality mastering and recording services at competitive rates. At Axistudio, you will find everything you need to get the sound you are looking for. Axis can help make your music the best you have ever heard.

At Axistudio you will find a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Whether you are an individual who has never been in a studio before or a group with its own musicians and producer, Axistudio has what you need to complete your project from beginning to end. For individuals who have never recorded before, our engineer can produce and arrange your song or album (depending on your style of music) and help you hire session musicians, a producer, or an arranger.



P.O. Box 15150
New Orleans, LA 70175
(504) 655-0423


CBD / Warehouse / Arts District