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Piety Street has combined the best of all possible audio worlds so as to have a great place to work without leaving town: doing this in 2001 might have pleased Pangloss, but that’s what Piety Street did. 8 years later and the studio is still here – and it’s 10 years after the NY Times declared the end of studios. Why have 300 SSL rooms gone the way of the dodo but Piety still here?

What Piety Street has is a huge A playing room with 8 large windows providing natural light. Both playing and control rooms have natural light. You can pull the thick beautiful curtains over the windows if you like it dark. The windows are thick, too, and only f-15 fighters flying low over the Bywater looking for terrorists will break the sound barrier and get into the room.

Piety Street is capable of recording an orchestra or more typically, being able to get mics 50’ away from the drums if so desired.

The décor is a cross between an elegant Cajun fishing camp mixed with a turn of the century Storyville bordello or maybe your favorite grandmother’s living room. Comfort combined with sound quality was the goal. The superb acoustics of the 26’ x 65’ x 17’ playing room are complemented by four adjacent iso booths. Each iso room large enough to handle a drum set, with two iso rooms capable of housing either in- house Yamaha grand piano. Acoustically, the iso rooms can be live, dead or neutral depending upon what you like.

Piety has rough cypress on the playing room walls and chandeliers that were thrown out of an old Masonic Temple, and lots of vintage furniture. The rusted tin ceilings in the big playing room were left because they looked great and sounded good, too. Lots of packing blankets, rolling bass traps and gobos are available.

Both control rooms are comfortable and accurate, with lots of room for visitors without bugging the engineers. There’s lots of room to roam around and get away from the session, too. There’s also a computer in the lounge and wireless internet throughout. There’s a TV room with a few hand weights and a rowing cycle if you need instant exercise. The back yard has ample parking and a basketball court.

Beyond amenities, this is simply a great space to play and record music, with variable acoustics and flexibility from session to session. Piety Street is one of the last great studios left standing.


Piety Street Recording

728 Piety Street
New Orleans, LA 70117
(504) 948-4968


Marigny / Bywater / St Roch