Common Ground Relief

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Common Ground is a community-based volunteer organization offering assistance, mutual aid, and support to residents of the Lower Ninth Ward who suffered losses in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Its mission is to provide short-term relief for victims and long-term support to rebuild New Orleans communities affected by the floods. The group’s headquarters are also home to the Anita Roddick Advocacy Center, which offers free legal and technical services to assist residents’ efforts; Community Resources, which offers free computer use, Internet access, and copy services; Media Collective, which provides grassroots coverage of events and activities in the New Orleans area; and the Meg Perry Healthy Soil Project, which provides information regarding techniques for minimizing health risks associated with soil toxicity, and aids in the development of community and backyard gardens.


Common Ground Relief

1800 Deslonde St.
New Orleans, LA 70117


Lower Ninth Ward


12p-7p everyday except Sunday