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Oak Park Civic Association was originally formed in the late 1940’s as the neighborhood was being developed. Obviously much has changed since then, and particularly since Hurricane Katrina. Today, we are a vibrant organization with a number of initiatives dedicated to restoring the ideal quality of life we enjoyed prior to the storm. A number of our members are involved in developing economic recovery strategies to provide shopping and leisure opportunities for our residents. Unofficially known as the “Education Destination” we welcome Holy Cross High School to our community, as well as the new High Tech High School being built by New Orleans Public School’s. We are also committed to overcome the threat of blighted housing by seeking unconventional solutions.

This is a neighborhood that has produced many community leaders that have contributed to the rebuilding of not just Oak Park, but Gentilly and New Orleans as well. Today, we are focused on our own needs and welcome the help and assistance of all.


Oak Park Civic Association

Nikki Najiola (Pres.)

New Orleans, LA 70122