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Republic New Orleans is a creative and cultural center providing constantly evolving entertainment through music, fashion, film and the arts.

Catering to a diverse, interesting and eclectic audience who enjoy cocktails and conversation with friends, our customers’ experiences are paramount to everything that we create here. Republic is the hub of creativity and entertainment for the group of people in New Orleans intent on revolutionizing the city’s business and artistic landscape.

Stylish and elegant. Sophisticated and artistically credible, yet approachable. Classically beautiful and embodying timeless luxury.

The partners of Republic New Orleans have had a hand in the promotion, launch, or reinvention of virtually every successful nightclub/special events facility created in New Orleans within the past six years. They became disenchanted and bored with engaging in passing fads and catering to short-lived trends that have become cliché in today’s ultra-lounge market. The partners wanted to create a space and atmosphere that would celebrate the class a



828 S Peters St
New Orleans, LA 70130


CBD / Warehouse / Arts District