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Niki Fisk, silversmith
My futuristic artifacts are inspired by the beauty found in nature, geometry and astronomy. The movements of tiny quarks and huge galaxies influence my style, as well as the mythical, mystical and fantastical. I imagine my pieces being found in the inner chamber of an Egyptian pyramid, in the ruins of an Atlantean temple on the sea floor, or inside a intergalactic time capsule orbiting around a distant star in deep space. Movement and flow are two essential components to my aesthetic. When I am not busy dreaming up designs for the playing card queens, mermaids, and nymphs, I like making custom belt buckles for all the space cowboys and girls… Female, Born on September 10
Favorite Materials sterling silver, stones, time, stardust

Interstellar Adornments can also be found at Go-Go jewelery, 2036 Magazine St.


  •   NolaNinja     0   Posted 2226 days ago 

    most unique and celestially awesome jewelry on the planet!

  •   JPBadeaux     0   Posted 2198 days ago 

    I have that necklace! I love it.

  •   MitchMuses     +1   Posted 2178 days ago 

    Very nice. I don't wear jewelry but this looks pretty cool.

Niki Fisk

Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70115-2735


Garden District