Warren Easton Fundamental Senior High School

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The mission of Warren Easton Charter High School is to provide rigorous and relevant instruction for all students at all academic levels to ensure each achieves maximum potential.

Warren Easton has always educated the children of the working class of New Orleans. The school has changed in response to the times, (from an all boys school to becoming co-ed, later integrating, ten years later becoming a fundamental magnet school and now a charter school). Easton has been led by dedicated principals, faculty and staff. Easton out-performed almost all other schools in the district and has improved its SPS score for five consecutive years. The school’s reputation of academic excellence, high attendance, low drop-out rate and high graduation rate were all factors that earned the school National Blue Ribbon designation by the United States Department of Education.


Warren Easton Fundamental Senior High School

3019 Canal St
New Orleans, LA 70119
504 324 7400


Mid-City - Bayou St John