Posts In 6/2009

  • Second line for Jacko
    2292 days ago

    Again, Michael Jackson wasn't a big influence for me but I do like that New Orleans celebrates him thusly Credit:…

  • Praise song for egghead graffiti
    2292 days ago

    On a wall near S. Lopez and a fluctuating canal, beside a rather crass statement asserting "Life is hard, p-ssy…

  • Untitled
    2296 days ago

    Matthew Yglesias notices that neocon Gary Schmitt dislikes soccer. Schmitt's theory is that excellence doesn't prevail enough in soccer, and…

  • Jacko
    2296 days ago

    While I don't consider Michael Jackson to be one of my influences, there's no question that his pop/cultural impact reached…

  • Quick memo to Gov. Sanford
    2297 days ago

    Glad that you're feeling refreshed after your hike booty call in Appalachia Argentina, but could you spare me the moral…

  • SFYYFF, Nixon
    2298 days ago

    NYT:Nixon worried that greater access to abortions would foster “permissiveness,” and said that “it breaks the family.” But he also…

  • Late nite radio
    2299 days ago

    My favorite Babe the Blue Ox song:

  • Tiles
    2299 days ago

    The T-P does a story on New Orleans' famous street tiles:For well over a century, the blue-and-white tiles that identify…

  • Draft Brad Pitt for Mayor
    2300 days ago

    Lovely tells me she spotted a "Brad Pitt for Mayor HQ" sign on Magazine St. (I think).I'd vote for him,…

  • Little Richard
    2301 days ago

    Huck's "true originator of Rock'n Roll" post inspired me to give some props to one of my favorite originators, Little…

  • Baroni
    2302 days ago

    T-P:Jefferson Parish has spent $340,000 on paving and drainage work at an Avondale car wash being built by sons of…

  • Rising Tide IV
    2304 days ago

    Against all odds, it appears that a fourth Rising Tide bloggers conference will take place in New Orleans on August…

  • A new sensation in my mouth
    2305 days ago

    Doing everything I could to show solidarity with the Iranian Reform/Election Protest movement, I enjoyed a green seaweed salad yesterday.…

  • Yes
    2305 days ago

    I don't mind telling you that the visual symbology of Paw Paw's post tickles my gonads.Morphine "Yes"

  • Breaking News! There will be no adjustments to the YRHT blogroll
    2306 days ago

    Over two years ago I wrote a post titled "Does the good outweigh the bad at We Saw That?", and…

  • That's so funny that I forgot to be racist
    2306 days ago

    NY Daily News:Commenting on a report posted to Facebook about a gorilla escape at a zoo in Columbia, S.C., Friday,…

  • This late night Ramones cut goes out to the Big Event
    2307 days ago

  • Quotes of the weak
    2309 days ago

    "Now I'm kind of poor."-- Former U.S. Congressman William Jefferson (who grew up dirt poor), explaining to FBI informant Lori…

  • Almost as refreshing as a robin-flavored snowball
    2310 days ago

    This news from Tuesday night: Virginia State Senator Creigh Deeds beat former DNC chair Terry McAuliffe in the VA Gubernatorial…

  • Courage is a kind of salvation
    2310 days ago

    Belated holiday thanks to the self storage facility in Metairie which posted the following statement during December on its large…

  • Big Easy Mayor in Little China
    2313 days ago

    Quarantined but "acting".

  • Pivotal pseudo-moments in pop culture history
    2313 days ago

    David Chase decides to use Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" as the climactic soundtrack of the last Sopranos episode, instead "Leave…

  • Robin
    2313 days ago already icy relationship between two competing snowball suppliers has produced a legal fight over who has the right to…

  • Nigerian Goat News
    2313 days ago reported an unfortunate "sunrise/sunset":Miguel Hidalgo, a goat that was a popular resident of the Audubon Zoo's petting zoo, died…