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  • Happy Holidays
    1751 days ago

    Well, I can't beat this.¬†One's again, Greg is the undisputed champion of hostiliday hurt. So, here's a couple Christmas new…

  • Lens celebrates 1 year anniversary
    1752 days ago

    Congratulations to my esteemed associates at The Lens for a successful first year, and thanks to our¬†readers for their tips…

  • RIP, Betts
    1754 days ago

  • From Harlem to Bimini, this song sucks yuletide log
    1755 days ago

    Sometimes the perfect hostiliday song lies under your red nose. All along, I'd assumed the worst songs were in the…

  • Untitled
    1758 days ago

  • YRHT approves this message
    1763 days ago

    Reverend Dennis McCarty's 11/14/10 sermon to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbus, Indiana. It's titled "Why I return to New…

  • Why so hostile?
    1764 days ago

    12 Days of Christmas -- granny snowboarder hip hop edition.Link here (embedding was disabled, perhaps out of a concern for…