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  • Title of article is priceless
    1494 days ago

  • $16 billion question
    1497 days ago

  • Quotes of the weak
    1497 days ago

    NYT:In a rambling discourse, [Colonel Muammar Qaddafi] blamed the uprising on the leader of Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, saying…

  • How many of these guys are out there?
    1500 days ago

  • Curveball
    1506 days ago

    "Curveball"-- the mentally unstable source for much of the Bush administration's claims about WMD's in Iraq-- admits he lied:The defector…

  • Glassman
    1509 days ago

    In his latest "Intelligent Investor" column, Jason Zweig writes:Is James K. Glassman right this time?Don't bet on it.The co-author of…

  • 75
    1509 days ago

    Happy Birthday, Burt Reynolds. One of these days Ratboy and I will get around to that film celebration we keep…

  • Dear Prudence
    1519 days ago

    Would it be moral to take f*ckmooks like this one, freeze'em in carbonite, and line them end to end to…