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  • Yves Saint Laurent
    1838 days ago

    Here goes a few of my favorite Yves Saint Laurent pieces right now.  My favorite is the skirt with the…

  • Singapore Sling
    1840 days ago

    1 part Cherry Heering Liqueur 2 parts Gin8 parts pineapple juice1 part lime juice1/2 Cointreau1/2 part GrenadineA dash of Angostura…

  • Hello Lipsy London Dress
    1841 days ago

    I love this dress! its absolutely gorgeous. This dress is from the 2009 Summer collection of Lipsy London. The shoes…

  • Baked Spaghetti
    1842 days ago

    Check Out a yummy recipe I love to make, which I got from Paula Deen website! Bobby's Lighter Baked Spaghetti.Ingredients:6 ounces…

  • Alexander Wang Love
    1843 days ago

    Wanted to share some great items I found by Alexander Wang! Love the satin jersey knit dress, very sexy!!!! I…

  • Gran Vina Sangria
    1845 days ago

     So on my weekly visit to my beloved Whole Foods I came across something interested in the wine department, Gran…

  • Diane von Furstenberg
    1845 days ago

    I truly like these pieces by Diane von Furstenberg. These items together make up a classy outfit. I love the…

  • Hello Floral and Lace
    1846 days ago

    So I'm trying to get better at showcasing some of my clothes so here you go! The main attraction of…

  • For The Love of the Poof
    1848 days ago

    I love the poofy so naturally I was drawn to this wonderful dress. The pattern is awesome and sexy .…

  • Bread Pudding!
    1849 days ago

    A favorite of mine to make is bread pudding. It has always been one of my favorite desserts, but never…

  • Marios Schwab Dress
    1850 days ago

    I fell in love with this dress! I'm sure some of you may not like it, but I absolutely love…

  • Thanks & Bare With Me
    1850 days ago

    I just wanted to thank everyone for sticking with me as I change the structure of Minority Weirdos and take…

  • izavel
    1852 days ago

    I wanted to share a Louisiana Fashion Designer with everyone. Isabel Varela is a phenomenal young designer doing great things…

  • Playful Perennial Punch
    1852 days ago

    3 parts Hendrick's Gin 2 parts Lillet Blanc4 med strawberries1 parts fresh strained lime juice1 1/2 parts raspberry zinger syrup…

  • I Heart Dresses With Pockets
    1852 days ago

    Recently I went into a whole addiction to dresses with pockets. I'm currently loving the idea of looking cute and…

  • Black Paloma
    1853 days ago

    1 1/2 Parts Olemca Altos Plata Tequila1 1/2 Parts Kahlua3/4 Parts Lime1/2 Parts Fresh Grapefruit Juice2 Dashes of BittersPinch SalTop…

  • Nicholas Kirkwood
    1854 days ago

    Wanted to share some shoe designs I'm feeling very much right now by Nicholas Kirkwood. To me his shoes are…

  • Lace Draped Cardigan
    1855 days ago

    The  Forever 21  Laced Draped Cardigan was a recent buy. One thing you definitely need to know about me is that I…

  • Michael Kors Cashmere Bodysuit
    1857 days ago

    Michael Kors by shercole featuring leather toteCheck out this uber-sexy Cashmere Bodysuit by Michael Kors. Great for an evening look…

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