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  • So who *doesn’t* like Dr. Pepper?
    2130 days ago

    Best Of New Orleans Blog » Blog Archive » Da Tweet Heard ‘Round Da Parish: This morning at approximately 1:00…

  • Plus ça change
    2130 days ago

    Orleans DA won’t file felony charges against Gretna police chief’s son | New Orleans Metro Crime and Courts News –…

  • Kill a Kid? Take the Day Off
    2136 days ago

    Texas FTW: speeding cop kills kid, pays ultimate penalty of single day off. Spread the Disease:

  • WND brings the hed, Red State hadles the copy
    2138 days ago

    WND headline: A 3-letter word — jobs! Red State opening sentence: This is rather inside the baseball, but it is…

  • Start your day off wrong
    2138 days ago

    Rethink 1: Obama Doesn’t Get Katrina? – The Atlantic Politics Channel: Enjoy the comments! Spread the Disease:

  • wtf
    2143 days ago

    Excuse the completely inappropriate Google ads, please. Spread the Disease:

  • Ah, Tangipahoa Parish! You never fail me.
    2143 days ago

    A JP in Tangipahoa parish has refused a marriage license to an interracial couple on the grounds that in HIS…

  • Top Searches for this blog as of 10/13/2009
    2145 days ago

    uh fuck jay blossman genesis p orridge radtke tugboat Spread the Disease:

  • SIgh
    2148 days ago | News | State worker’s firing blamed on Katrina — Baton Rouge, LA: A state worker fired the day…

  • On the Nobel Prize
    2148 days ago

    Excuse Me, Who Won The Nobel Peace Prize? | Crooks and Liars: Larisa Alexandrovna, in her blog article, “Republicanistan –…

  • Sickness
    2149 days ago

    Angola 3 Appeal Denied | Mother Jones: The Louisiana State Supreme Court Friday denied an appeal from Herman Wallace, who…

    2149 days ago

    Much as the Coelacanth was thought to be extinct before a fisherman caught one off the coast of South Africa…

  • Ah, Nostalgia
    2150 days ago

    Frustration with politics spurred Meffert departure from City Hall: Meffert said he’s done everything he can do at City Hall.…

  • But see, none of this matters
    2150 days ago

    Daily Kingfish:: Doing a Vitter #9: Why should the Sinning Senator have some ’splainin’ to do? It’s not enough that…

  • Opinion | Letter: Other nations wrong on health care
    2150 days ago, Baton Rouge, LA: Many people got a memo that told them to respond with a certain statement when arguing…

  • Lousy with Brains
    2150 days ago

    Via Blagueur we learn that contrary to all appearances, data, inference, consensus reality and matters of historical record, Louisiana is…

  • test 4
    2155 days ago

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