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  • Quinoa Curiosity
    2065 days ago

    I knew exactly who to go to when I wanted to talk about the superfood I have been hearing so…

  • Win Tin Tin
    2068 days ago

    As a Christmas gift, have you ever received one of those gigantic popcorn tins with the three different flavored popcorns?…

  • Pistachio Penchant
    2070 days ago

    I have been on a bit of a pistachio kick since I received my care package from Oh Nuts.  I…

  • Sometimes you feel like a Nut!
    2072 days ago

    I was contacted by a representative from Oh Oh Nuts is a Premium Quality Nuts, Dried Fruit, Candy &…

  • Seasonal Salad Switchup
    2076 days ago

    This isn't the most seasonally appropriate dish. I think this meal would be perfect for the warmer weather. But when…

  • Black-and-Gold-Superbowl
    2077 days ago

    What has 22 legs and can't run?The New Orleans Saints!According to Forrest's Grandpa, this is a joke he used to…

  • Pressure Put-Off
    2079 days ago

    When hosting a holiday feast, the chef responsible for the majority of the dishes can have a tendency to get…

  • Me O My O
    2081 days ago

    My mother's mother was an amazing cook. She made several dishes that I loved, but probably my favorite was her…

  • Cookie Question??
    2084 days ago

    I love living in a big city, I love my career at a huge corporation, I love living in a…

  • Concert Curveball
    2087 days ago

    One of our early adventures in dating included a trip to a Kenny Chesney concert in New Orleans. Forrest is…

  • You can tune a piano, but you can't tune a fish!
    2088 days ago

    This week my husband told me he wanted tuna salad. I wasn't sure of precisely what kind of tuna salad…

  • Fall Fancy
    2093 days ago

    Growing up in South Louisiana I never knew a true Fall Season. Of course I knew about Fall as I…

  • Haute Halloween Hangover
    2094 days ago

    I have no doubt that the last thing anyone wants to see on the day after Halloween is a recipe…

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