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  • Free-Way
    2198 days ago

    Here is a free-form savory pie, or a crostata, to go along with my free-form lasagna. I must be feeling…

  • 2 Sawhorses and a Plywood Board
    2198 days ago

    In an attempt to use the leftover crawfish I defrosted for yesterday's mirlitons I found a quick crawfish pasta recipe…

  • Fright Night
    2200 days ago

    As a child, I loathed Halloween. I know that sounds completely out of line with most children's feelings about All…

  • Lazy Lasagna
    2203 days ago

    Once while dining out I remember ordering something on the menu called "free form lasagna". I didn't know when I…

  • Pro-m"oat"
    2205 days ago

    Forrest went to the New Orleans Saints vs. Philadelphia Eagles game last weekend in Philly. He was staying with his…

  • Chop Chop Chowder
    2206 days ago

    This was an awesome twist on the classic baked potato soup. It had several of the same ingredients, but with…

  • Generous Garden Gifts
    2209 days ago

    One of my coworkers brought me a ton of fresh herbs from her garden. I love getting complimentary fresh herbs!…

  • Savoring Seattle Series #2
    2211 days ago

    Another one of our stops in Pike's Place Market during our trip to Seattle was Market Spice. Market Spice is…

  • Hoppy Hankering
    2212 days ago

    My husband and I were just discussing the theory of wanting things that you can't possibly have. We weren't talking…

  • Hoppy Hankering
    2212 days ago

    My husband and I were just discussing the theory of wanting things that you can't possibly have. We weren't talking…

  • Otherwise Open-faced Oven Omelet
    2214 days ago

    I made a frittata with pasta before and had forgotten how much I really enjoyed the texture of the linguine…

  • Potato Profit
    2217 days ago

    I learned a long time ago to never attempt to recreate some one's signature dish. During my attempts to make…

  • Chicken Choices
    2218 days ago

    I had half of a rotisserie chicken left over after yesterday's pasta salad. I needed to find something to use…

  • Savoring Seattle Series #1
    2219 days ago

    We just got back from vacation in Seattle and we had such a great time. The highlight of the trip…

  • "Crack"er Addict
    2221 days ago

    I recently purchased some crazy hot pepper jelly and wanted to snack on it with some cream cheese and crackers.…

    2224 days ago

    These little cookies were a blast to make. I liked the idea of the cookie dough-like center and the crumbly…

  • Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog
    2226 days ago

    The things you do for love..... For the first time, in probably what I would estimate to be about 17…

  • Stubborn Shrooms
    2228 days ago

    My brother's wife Allison had a long row to hoe when she married into our family. We are quite a…

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