Posts In 12/2009

  • A Call to Action
    2106 days ago

    In spite of City's Council's previous decision to quash Nagin's plan to purchase the Chevron Building and relocate City Hall....he's…

  • The 2009 Sneaky Snake Countdown
    2108 days ago

    Today I got caught up in the year end countdown craze and decided...what the hell, I'm not above this.So after…

  • >$=>>>>>>>>>>
    2112 days ago

    Merry Xmas all...may God bless us everyone. Its been fun.

  • Dr. Triplet responds
    2112 days ago

    In a previous post, I questioned the claim a WWL reporter made that Dr. Vera Triplet agrees with Ray Nagin's…

  • So that's why...
    2113 days ago many hits were coming into the blog for Infinity Surety. Insurance Department sues Metairie bond firmSome background:American Zombie: Infinitely…

  • For Xmas
    2114 days ago

  • A Call to Attention
    2115 days ago

    I stated in a previous post that the last few months in an administration’s tenure are usually when the most…

  • Intriguing
    2117 days ago

    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Has he gotten to the bottom of it yet?":This is a…

  • Has he gotten to the bottom of it yet?
    2118 days ago

    John Georges' response to So Georges says he was not responsible for the site or video spoof, but…

  • Muppet pulls a Haydel
    2119 days ago

    Greg Meffert wants taxpayers to pay civil judgment, legal feesYeah...and people in Hell want ice water. (My mom used to…

  • The Pissing Continues
    2119 days ago

    Nagin to go to 4-day work week at City Hall, slash other city servicesMayor Ray Nagin said Thursday that most…

  • Upon Anon's suggestion...booyaa!
    2119 days ago

    Thanks for your definition of carpetblogger!Editors reviewed your entry and have decided to publish it on should appear on…

  • Georges the Snake
    2119 days ago

    Not sure if you caught the flash in the pan spoof of Mitch Landrieu today online.Humid City was on top…

  • While we're on the subject of etymology
    2120 days ago

    Even though I'll never get credit for it, I invented Carpetblogger. It all started right after the storm when that…

  • I need a word for this
    2120 days ago

    Is there a word for getting enjoyment out of exposing yourself to stupidity? I know the Germans pegged schadenfreude, but…

  • Hah!
    2121 days ago

    Indicted Sewerage & Water Board member resignsNagin said the allegations concern him, and he will look into the status of…

  • oh right on..
    2121 days ago

    Tribe Nunzio was one of my favorite New Orleans bands ever. Although I thought the lead singer's name was Elizabeth,…

  • Perhaps another reason we should be worried...
    2121 days ago

    ...about the SEC investigation into the City of Miami.Lisa Mazique

  • In case you had any doubts
    2121 days ago to the reality of Corporate, Media and Government collusion:Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the…

  • Bring back Bali Hai
    2122 days ago

    Maybe if Batt brings back a Tiki bar that will parlay in with Georges buying into Galatoire's and they can…

  • Take note
    2122 days ago

    SEC orders Miami to turn over its financial booksAny city dealing with federal funds, especially a city like New Orleans,…

  • The mouths of babes
    2122 days ago

    I just picked my 5 year old daughter up from school and I asked her what she learned today.Her: "I…

  • R.I.P. Andy
    2125 days ago

    My cousin passed away last night. He had been battling an inoperable brain tumor for the past couple years and…

  • Zombi....oh you know...#3
    2126 days ago

    Sapir will qualify for At Large this afternoon.

  • Zombiewire
    2126 days ago

    Virginia Blanque has qualified for District A.

  • Zombiewire
    2126 days ago

    I'm getting undercurrents that Jacobs may be backing off the Mayor's race. Stay Tuned.

  • The Edwards Problem no more
    2126 days ago

    After a decade of S & WB graft totaling some $2 milllion dollars in kickbacks (that we know of), Rev.…

  • Don't worry
    2126 days ago

    City Attorney cancels all outside legal work; blight hearings affected Fields said she's also re-evaluating all the civil lawsuits that…

  • Hell to the....hmmmmmm???
    2126 days ago

    On the eve of the last day of candidate qualifications, let's take a look at some rumors swirling in the…

  • Hell to the Yeah III
    2129 days ago

    Coming tomorrow. And oh it a good one. Hold on to your skivvies, cause it appears someone we know…

  • Hell to the Yeah, II
    2129 days ago

    Mitch Is Running After All

  • Hell to the Yeah
    2130 days ago

    Dardenne ponders Vitter vulnerability I dig Dardenne. I may even vote for him over Melancon. I hope he's throwing his…

  • A pregnant paragraph
    2131 days ago

    New Orleans professional contract awards criticized, debatedMeanwhile, those defending the status quo -- the City Charter, which can be changed…

  • Georges campaign slogan
    2133 days ago

    Taking's my first one:"Every time someone votes for John Georges....a puppy dies."

  • edits
    2133 days ago

    I've watched this story about 7 times now and I'm still curious if Dr. Vera Triplet actually "agreed" with anything…

  • Ding Ding
    2133 days ago

    Round 2:Crime camera trial jury award tied up with claims from CamSoft of Baton Rouge

  • Dream America, Dream....Scream America, Scream
    2133 days ago

    George Carlin - 2005:"Forget the politicians. The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom…

  • I suspect Nagn will not return the favor and endorse him
    2133 days ago

    Rob Couhig announces mayoral candidacy onlineI'm actually glad Rob is getting in the race. He jazzes up the debates.  He…

  • NolaTrey's service and wake
    2133 days ago

    Per the Commissioner:I have some plans for Trey McCay's memorial service. It will be on Satruday, December 5 at 1pm.Here…

  • OMG!
    2134 days ago

    And I swore to myself I would never omg anything:Lesson # 1 in campaign ads and viral video....never use a…

  • Heads up
    2135 days ago

    Subject: Climate & Clean Energy Forum Wednesday eveningCLEAN ENERGY FOR LOUISIANANew Orleans Citizens Come Together to Discuss Clean Energy Legislation…