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  • St. Pierre: Patron Saint of Public Payouts and Patronage
    1750 days ago

    I finally had time to look over the new charges levied against Mark St. Pierre by team Letten.  I have…

  • Untitled
    1752 days ago


  • Bowling Pin gets knocked down again
    1756 days ago

    Former city tech chief Anthony Jones pleads guilty to taking kickbacks from city vendorTaking cold, hard cash from St. Pierre....damn.…

  • The Big Crash Part 1: Our Own Worst Enemy
    1757 days ago

    Ok folks, story is up at Humid Beings....thanks for being patient. This is part one, an introductory piece, part two…

  • Uhhh...
    1757 days ago

    ....did I say Monday?  Silly zombie...I meant Tuesday. Humid Beings @ 2pm.

  • Coming Monday
    1759 days ago

    Sorry for my absence but idle I ain't.  I've been busting my ass on a 3 part webumentary for Humid…