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  • of course he does
    2024 days ago

    Nagin rejects banning felons from winning contracts

  • Mid week rundown
    2025 days ago

    In the middle of my mid-life meltdown.Yeah, I've been slacking. Sorry, but I'm just losing steam.So I'm gonna run down…

  • Health Care Bill Passes
    2027 days ago

    Let the Big Dog explain:

  • In case you were feeling exceptionally important today
    2032 days ago

    Here's a gratuitous existential moment to destroy your ego:

  • Understanding the Revolver
    2037 days ago

    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Oh boy": What I want to know is... who agreed to…

  • breaking
    2038 days ago

  • I'm channeling the Dutch
    2038 days ago

    So it is said, so it shall be:Dutch plan to let healthy elderly people commit suicide Jeez...that really freaks me…

  • Oh boy
    2038 days ago

    Chrisman did mean the entire 200 million would be depleted:Recovery oversight contract allowed overbilling, poor performance, inspector general saysQuatrevaux, for…

  • Sliding to Senilicide
    2039 days ago

    Defaulted Loans May Haunt SeniorsThis is really amazing to me. Our society is undergoing a fundamental ethical wait...our government…

  • Putting a Platitude it in the Grave
    2039 days ago

    I am officially declaring the phrase, "politics of the past" dead as a doornail. The politics of the past are…

  • Bad to Worse?
    2040 days ago

    I'm hearing that HUD may be looking into misappropriated D-CDBG monies. Which means they may be asking for money back…

  • Can I find an honest bartender...
    2041 days ago give me the tab?I'm trying to create a running tab of what Nagin may have spent the entire 200…

  • Nagin put the revolver to our head
    2043 days ago

    Fox 8 obtains city hall documents that reveal a fight between top Nagin administrators In regard to the revolver fund,…

  • Don't vote for Batt
    2043 days ago

    I'll defer the reasons why to the Yellow Blog. I don't have the energy right now to bash the Battster.

  • Spring Cleaning
    2045 days ago

    My apologies to Edtilla for not previously linking the New Orleans Ladder from AZ. I'm not the most efficient blog…

  • Fuck Latter & Blum
    2046 days ago

    Fuck them very much.Latter & Blum terminates President Arthur SterbcowI hope they go out of business in 6 months.  I…

  • Selling my soul
    2047 days ago

    I've decided to try an experiment. If anyone is interested in buying ad space on the right hand side of…

  • Careful What You Wish For
    2048 days ago

    For the past few months I've had numerous conversations with folks about the potential of a Ray Nagin indictment and…

  • 1:1 Odds
    2048 days ago

    Retired officer's guilty plea in Danziger Bridge case a blow to a struggling NOPD"What I can say is that Michael…