Posts In 9/2010

  • No more cryptics, just a heartfelt plea
    1804 days ago

    I just went out tonight and I got bitched out for not "staying on it!!!" Ok man...I hear you.  I…

  • Atlas shrugs
    1806 days ago

    Just two months after Ken Feinberg told the Louisiana victims of the BP oil spill they'd be making "a big…

  • I beg to differ
    1806 days ago

    Oil spill claims czar: 'I over-promised and under-delivered'No, no, no....Feinberg is delivering splendidly...he's delivering exactly what he was hand picked…

  • codex illuminati
    1806 days ago

    Here's a cipher for you.De-cipher that business agreement and you're a Goddamn genius.

  • Buried in the Outdoor section..
    1808 days ago

    ...because it no longer affects all of us?  It's just a sportsmen issue now?New wave of oil comes ashore west…

  • Rikki Tiki Tavi
    1809 days ago

    6d 6f 6e 67 6f 6f 73 65 20 69 73 20 67 6f 6e 65 2e 0d 0a 0d…

  • Ashe
    1819 days ago

    Short break. The crypt is busting at the seems....bones are pushing their way up out of the earth. Hold tight while…